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Is Your Preschooler a Whiner? How to End this Behavior in Lawrenceville

Posted on 12-17-2014

Whining can easily test the patience of even the most loving parents. What causes a preschooler to whine? The experienced staff of Kids ‘R’ Kids of Lawrenceville, Georgia offers a few suggestions as to why your preschooler might be whining more than usual.

Why is your child whining?

Preschoolers still depend on their parents for almost everything. Whether seeking food, a nap, or a bit of attention, your child will often whine when he or she feels powerless in a situation or to get attention. As a child matures, the response to situations will change, and rather than throwing tantrums, a child will now use whining to verbalize his or her needs.

Stress is not just for adults

Stress is equally impactful to a child as it is to an adult. A child can have a lot of pent up anger and frustration from time spent at school, which is likened to a parent’s job stress. Examples of factors that can lead a child to whining at home are the inability to play with a favorite toy, or when a classmate was not nice.

Your child may whine because it has a pay-off

Do not cope with whining by rewarding it. If your child whines while at a store and wants a new toy, do not give in and purchase it. Be compassionate and show empathy, but explain why you have made your decision not to purchase the item using a calm, but firm voice. This helps your child understand that there is no “payoff” for continuing to whine, and establishes boundaries for good parenting.

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