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Lawrenceville child care advice: How to make the most of your child’s preschool years

Posted on 08-05-2014


Your child can enter preschool from the age of two years and can enter a learning academy as early as 6 weeks. These early years are the most important years for learning and development. This time is vital to building a healthy foundation for your child for future learning and success, which means it is best to have the necessary facilities and child care to correctly nurture and stimulate your child’s learning process. Because of this, choosing a preschool can be a challenging decision.

Making the right choice for a child

Our staff is highly trained to be an integral part of your child’s growth process. Unlike other child care facilities, we offer an optimal teacher to child ratio. This means that, with our focus on personalized education, your child has individualized focus every step of the way through our accredited preschool program.

We will create a package to accommodate your child in the best way to stimulate his or her unique needs and situation. Our staff is equipped with the right tools to give a child the right lessons needed to progress accordingly. Alongside our top staff, we include the best technological learning products to encourage your child toward a bright future.

To get your child ready to take full advantage of these fun educational opportunities, he or she needs to be comfortable with the independence and structure of preschool. Having fun with peers at a child-friendly venue like Bethesda Park Aquatic Center is a great way to encourage your child to explore, engage in games with others, and learn new skills that will benefit him or her in a preschool environment.

For more information on the best place for a child to obtain an exceptional education from an AdvancED accredited preschool, contact us today at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Lawrenceville.

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