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Simple scientific experiments you can try at home with your Lawrenceville preschooler

Posted on 12-04-2014


The emphasis placed on foundational science education has increased over the past few years. Science study prepares children for the rigors and challenges that they will face in an increasingly complex world. It is never too early for children to be exposed to science and begin learning. Here are a few simple scientific experiments that you can conduct at home with your Lawrenceville preschooler:

Puncturing a potato with a straw

For this experiment, you need two plastic drinking straws and a potato. First, hold one plastic drinking straw by the sides and attempt to puncture the potato. The straw will not pierce the vegetable at all. Now, place your thumb over the opening at the top of the second straw and try it again. This time the straw should travel through a large portion of the potato. By covering the top of the straw, air is trapped inside, compressing it as it travels through the potato.

Tasting without the use of smell

For this experiment, you need a piece of peeled potato and a piece of peeled apple, both roughly the same size and shape. Now hold your nose, close your eyes and eat each piece. Are you able to taste the difference? Probably not because your mouth and nose are connected by the same airway. Do the experiment again but without holding your nose. You will be able to smell both pieces distinctly. Without a sense of smell, you are unable to differentiate between individual tastes.

You can find other simple science experiments for young children either online or at your local library.

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